Oden MS 700 (110V, 230V, 380V)
Replaces: Beomat MS700

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  Very popular skeet throwers, with a capacity of 700 pigeons, supplied in pairs and with a separate control box mounted in the engine box. Mechanically thrower is built with proven components, and using electronics with programmable multi-relay is made possible,  following features:
• Timer function: 0-3 sec (interruptible).
• Motorsaver: engine switched off after 5 minutes (or desired time) passivity.
• Starts and throws dove directly at the pressure on the trigger.
• Signal Lamps.
• Built-in counter.
• Operation of the last pigeon shooting takes place at the end of the control box.
• The thrower is easily adjustable for right caste direction and throw.
• Reloading time: 2.2 sec.
  Spare parts  
Manual (pdf)