Beomat Traps - raises clay target shooting to new levels

Beomat make Superior Traps that will take clay target shooting to the highest level. For more than fifty years has Beomat been the ultimate machine in terms of high quality and dependability among shooters worldwide.

Swedish Quality - By shooters for shooters

Anyone who shoots the clay target knows how annoying it is when the machine fights and gives uneven targets. For more than fifty years, we have solved the problems and developed traps that meet high demands from shooters and manufacturers of clay targets. Regardless of whether it is for hobby shooting with friends, training shooting with the hunting team or competition at the highest elite level, Beomat traps is a hit! - To buy a Beomat today is an investment for tomorrow

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Happiness is a powder hit

The joy of a powder hit is the same for everyone – whether you are a hunter, a recreational shooter or a competition shooter. With reliable traps from Beomat you will get that special feeling many times!

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Our serviceman at the field – serving a Beomat MJT 400. Very satisfied with his work but mostly for the costumer to get their trap in shape for many years to come.

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